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2021 03 04

About Company

Volga Shipyard is a modern manufacturing facility that uses up-to-date technologies to construct high-speed ships for a variety of applications.

We produce a wide range of high-speed vessels: passenger vessels, cargo vessels, emergency high-speed rescue vessels, patrol boats, leisure boats.

For high-speed passenger transportation currently we propose new sea-going hydrofoil project KOMETA-130M.

The shipyard also provides the following services and works:

- repairs of river ships' hulls made from aluminium-magnesium alloys

- manufacturing and repairs of foil system and foil corbels of 'Kolkhida', 'Kometa' and 'Lastochka' type hydrofoils

- manufacturing of the superstructures from aluminium-magnesium alloys for ships of all the types

- testing and centering of propeller shaft systems

- manufacturing of metal contructions according to the customer's drawings

- repair of ship systems

- turnings, milling and bore works with any metals

"Volga Shipyard"