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2021 01 16


Founded in 1970 as an experimental production facility to the Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau in the framework of further development of the production base originated in 1955, Volga Experimental Plant was intended to realize new high-speed ship designs, complete constructions techniques and carry out full-scale tests.

Volga Shipyard developed and mastered unique techniques of the construction of hydrofoils, air-cavity boats and ekranoplans.

Part machining technologies, assembly process, light alloy hull riveting and welding techniques were passed over to other plants thus allowing setting up the production of high-speed hydrofoils like the Raketa, Meteor, Kolkhida, Chaika etc.

The large Orlyonok, Lun and Strizh training ekranoplans saw the production in the eighties.

In 1992 the plant was reorganized into a joint-stock company Volga Shipyard.

In the middle of the nineties there were built a series of high-speed air-cavity boats for the delivery to the UAE and a number of sea-going high-speed hydrofoils Katran and Dolphin. During 2004 two passenger hydrofoils of Lastochka-M type were built here and delivered to China.